Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Very Very First Quilt

When I was around nine my grandmother was very busy with her church making quilts. I decided I wanted to learn to sew, so she and my mother set out this project for me. All the fabric in this quilt is clothing that either my mother or I wore. I sewed this on my mothers Singer, not a treadle, but an electric single stitch machine, forward and reverse only. I was always facinated when my mother would sew, and I remember standing on the back side of the machine and watching. I sewed the majority of this quilt, I don't remember if anyone helped or not. The seams are now crooked and don't always match, and some of the fabric has dissapeared. I think my grandmother took the top and had in tied, i surely don't remember helping with that part. The back is flannel, and in spite of it's age, nearly 50 years old not, it is still full of fond memories for me.

it is in such bad shape, that i am considering taking it apart and making small doll quilts from it's pieces for my granddaughters. So far, I have not cut into it.